How to Draw The Grim Reaper

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STEP 1. Okay, who's ready to start learning how to draw the grim reaper? Well you are about to. You will start this first step by drawing out the shape of his skull like head which starts off as a circle and facial guidelines. You will then add the shape of the jaw and then draw a long horizontal guideline going down his gown. Next start shaping out the cloak by adding jagged edges as shown on the left side. You will then add a small circle for his left hand and then add the lining for his scythe.   STEP 2. Okay you are now on step two. What you will start doing here is sketching out the grim reapers eyes and nose. Next add the nicely squared lining of his jaw shape as shown. Move over to the left, see the circle that you drew in step one? Good, now start sketching in the lining for the finger and sleeve. You will then detail the cloak under both arms as seen here and then start sketching in his bony fingers that are wrapped around the stick of the scythe. you will then add the sleeve for the right arm and then thicken the staff of the scythe.   STEP 3. Okay now you will start this third step by sketching in the darkening detail between his eyes and then sketch out the actual shape of the hollowed nose. Add the lines for the shape of his mouth and then add the lining for the hood as seen here. You will then draw in the bone lines for his left hand and then add detailing lines around the left sleeve. Add more torn looking lines near the edges of the grim's cloak on the left and then you can start adding the arm and scythe blade lines on his right side.   STEP 4. As you can see by the time you are done with this forth step, your grim reaper should start taking form. Are you ready to continue or what? Good. The first thing you will do is finish off the lines for his hood and then start adding the detailing line for his left arm sleeve and hand. thicken the staff of the scythe and add more detailing lines for the hanging sleeve on the right arm. You will then draw the arched blade of the scythe and then start sketching in more detail on his skeletal face. You will define his face by adding some subtle lines to make his brow bone prominent and then sketch in the high looking cheek bones. Add some detailing lines around his mouth and then move to the next step.   STEP 5. Okay well you have made to the fifth step which means you are closer to the finish line. I bet your happy about that huh? I know Anyway, you will draw the edging of the hood that covers his face. Then shade the inside of his nose and start drawing in his bony teeth. You will then detail the finger that is pointing at you as shown and then detail the sleeve on his left arm. You will then sketch in more detailing lines along the edges of the cloak and then some wrinkle lines on the top front of the cloak. Now move over to the right and start adding detail shading the the knuckles of his hand. On the lower right bottom of the cloak you will add more jagged lines.   STEP 6. Well here you are, you have made it to your last drawing step. You will tackle this step by adding detailing lines on the hood and then shade in the areas like inside the cloak and inside the gaps of the teeth. You will then shade in the opening of the sleeve on the left arm and then add wrinkle lines on the front of the cloak as well as the right sleeve. You will finish off the blade of the scythe and then add the rest of the torn jagged lines of the bottom of the right sleeve. Erase all the guidelines and shapes to clean up your work.   STEP 7. This is what your finished drawing should come out looking like. I hope you had a butt load of fun learning how to draw the grim reaper step by step. I will be back with more online drawing tutorial lessons in a bit so stay tuned the next ones are even better.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.