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STEP 1. OK, first off we are going to begin this step with the basic frame of Rukia. This means draw the the V neck looking lines at neck line. This is going to be the area where the two pieces of cloth meet. Also draw the beginning line of the sword near the right arm of Rukia. After you have done that sketch out the guideline at the bottom of her Shinigami robe. Draw the two lines at the end of her robe. These will be defined as the feet. Don't ever forget to draw a large circle with facial guidelines at the top of the neck. That is going to be the head.   STEP 2. Now, we are going to draw more detail of the Shinigami Rukia. Add some of the wrinkles in the clothing as well as the features of her face. Her eyes are like the shapes of square-like lemons. When you are finished with that, start drawing out the details of her hands and the feet. In this case we will start to draw out the basic lining of the feet. Add the awesome details to the mid section of Rukia's robe as well. This means draw the wrapping where the robe is closed off.   STEP 3. Ok now we will start off this step with adding more wrinkles in the lower Shinigami robe part. This step also includes to draw the rest of the foot. What I love about drawing Bleach characters is that they wear ninja sandals. This means you don't really have to draw the toes XD. Unlike Naruto characters, I have to DRAW their toes. I'm not really good with the feet. Anyways, draw the tight knot at the midsection of the robe. I love drawing this part because its just so fun. Don't forget to draw some of the sword and face as well. By the way, Rukia's sword is in a sheath ^_^.   STEP 4. Finally, this is where we finish off the rest of Rukia! I bet you can't wait because your probably exhausted by drawing the hard stuff. In this step we will draw the rest of the wrinkles in the clothing as well as the rest of the ninja sandals. After you've done that finish off that face of Rukia! Don't forget to add those details of the sword as well. Ready for the line art??   STEP 5. Well my peeps, this is the line art of Rukia. This is what she should look like after you've finished off those steps. I know the beginning of the tutorial was challenging. With practice you should most definitely have the outcome of this! I really hope you tutorial helped on how to draw Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach! Comment, rate and favorite if you think this tutorial was worth your time!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.