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STEP 1. Step one: the head. This is probably one of the most difficult parts, because it is so hard to make cymmetrical, but once you get used to it it's a lot easier. So add the ears, and you're ready for step two.   STEP 2. Step two: the hair. This is one of my very favorite parts. Just decide which direction you want the hair to go, and then just draw it. You can always do it differently, and if you want it curly, there are more... MANY more... tutorials on that. Just make sure to draw a defining line where the hair comes over the face, if it does, and that also helps seperate the back from the front of the hair. Now you're ready for step three!   STEP 3. Step three: now we draw in the neckline of the shirt, which in this case, is a Japanese-y shirt with a v-neck. Make sure, when coloring in the black parts of the fabric, to color in the SAME DIRECTION as the fabric. Such as, on the shorter part of the v-neck, sketch the pencil in a somehow SOUTHEAST direction. Don't worry about detailing on the white fabric quite yet; we'll get to that later. Now, for step four!   STEP 4. Step four: time to put in our pants! That sounded odd. Let's put it this way: time to draw the pants on the model. There, that's better. (: also, we are going to work on the left arm, in the drawing the right. Just draw the straight line up to the "wall," which you can draw in before or after drawing the arm and hand. I personally put the arm in first, so it is for sure the right length; let's not let the girl end up with an arm that only goes to her waist! After drawing the first line of the arm, just make the sleeve droop down and then close it, and finish up the arm on the bottom. Don't forget the lining on the edge of the sleeve! Now, let's work on the right arm. Just do basically the same thing, only backwards and bent at the elbow! Just rest the hand on the hip, and droop the sleeve in the same way as the other one, but make sure to put a little crease into the corner, by the elbow. This will make the fabric slightly realistic, and folded! Now, time for step six!   STEP 5. Step six: let's add some detail to those trousers of hers! Just color in the pants in the same way as the neckline and the sleeves. This is called "hatching," or at least that is the name that i learned. It's not very difficult! But if you want to make the bottom of the pants legs easier, create cuffs at the bottom and hatch left to right on those. That actually does make it a lot easier, and makes a simple and neat look! Let's also add detail to the hair, making sure that the back parts of the hair, i.e.: where the hair is visible from the front of the picture, is somewhat more detailed than the front, as in with more striping than the front, to make it look darker and shadowed. Also remember that the defining line seperates the front from the back, but don't make it go all the way down. Also draw the shoes, hopefully better than mine. Because i cannot draw shoes or feet of any kind! Also, draw the floor, by drawing a straight line at the left side of the wall. And at the right side... put it at an angle... so this drawing has at least one realistic aspect! You're almost there:)   STEP 6. Step seven: draw the floor, by drawing a straight line at the left side of the wall. And at the right side... put it at an angle... so this drawing has at least one realistic aspect! Now let's add facial detail. This is not a very strong point of mine, so bear with me! Now you're so close to being done, it's not even funny! Just add color!   STEP 7. Step seven: final step! Just add the color, and you're up and running! Don't forget, you can change any aspect to make this picture your own. Have fun, and please comment! Let me know what you think! Thanks for taking my tutorial, and i hope you liked it.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.