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STEP 1. Step one: We'll start with the head, which basically looks like a big fat thumb, and put a little cap on it. Then put two cute little eyebrows under the cap. Make sure they are slightly rounded so that the eyes can later fit under them. Now you are ready for the second step! Yay!   STEP 2. Step two: Ready for the bigger parts! Let's draw the snout, which is just the nose and the mouth. Make sure the mouth somewhat resembles the heel of a sock, which is what it is made of on an actual sock monkey. Let's also add the ears, which look like... monkey ears. Just put a big, bubbly circle on the side by where the end of the cap is, as shown. Then, draw on the eyes which are just an upside down capital u, with a closure at the bottom (did i spell that right??!?). Let's move on to step three now!   STEP 3. Step three: Now we draw the rest of the body. This is hard to get symmetrical, but it's important. Remember now to finish up the mouth and eyes, and to make sure that the limbs are in good shape, and then we're ready to move on to step four. Told you it was novice!   STEP 4. Step four: Time to finish up this monkey! Time to add the tail, which is going to overlap with the left leg. Don't worry, this doesn't mean that it will be an opaque tail! Just make it overlap, and if you ink it over, just do the tail first and don't ink over the left ankle, so it looks like the tail is falling over it. But don't forget to add the little "socks" over the feet, hands, and tail. These "socks" are a signature sock monkey thing. Don't forget!!! Also remember the little black thread balls that serve as nostrils, and to finish off the eyes. If it's easier, don't finish off the eyes until you ink over. Let's do it! We're almost done!!!!   STEP 5. Step five: Ink over, erase pencil, color in, done! There's nothing easier than drawing a sock monkey. Except maybe coloring a sock monkey! Well, time to go, but thanks so much for checking out my second ever tutorial. Please comment and let me know what you think!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.