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STEP 1. Step 1: First to make Balto you draw a big circle in the middle of the page. Once you have done that put a half circle throw the middle of the big circle, so then you can place the eyes just on top of the "half circle". Just put for the eyes (just for now) have them as square. For the nose have two lines down till your out of the circle and then put kinda like a circle/square for the end of his nose. And for the last bit of this step put for the body one straight line and one curve line.   STEP 2. Step 2: Next what you do is to do is make some scruffy looking eyebrows for him to make him look like a wolf a bit. For the mouth just make a curve underneath the nose for his top lip and for the bottom lip do the same but make sure you have some space for the teeth to put in later on. Once you have done that put the tongue in and to make he's Chested put a scruffy look a bit like the eyebrows.   STEP 3. Step 3: Now this is the part where you finish shaping his head into a wolf shape, with the ears (not that heard to do) make them like a normal dogs ears are like but a bit more wolf like (dunno if that helps) and then make them look scruffy. With the teeth make a big one then two little teeth next to the big tooth and then put another big tooth next to the small teeth. And don't forget to finish the eyes up.   STEP 4. And there you go there's your picture of Balto, hope the steps helped you if some of it didn't make any sense just ask me and I'll help you. (P.S Not very good with spelling). Oh yeah and don't forget to rub out the circles and that you don't need.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.