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STEP 1. Ok people, this is pretty much the first step on drawing Solid Snake. All you have to start with is the basic frame of the body. Drawing a frame when you begin drawing a body is very important. This frame will help you proportion the body. I used to draw without a frame. This made drawing people harder because I had no idea what position to make them in. Anyways, layout the lines for the arms, legs, and head. When drawing the head you should always make guidelines to setup the face. Use circles for the joints as well. Ready for the next step?   STEP 2. Alright now we will draw out the lining for the legs and the muscles for the arm. You can see how the guidelines help out a lot! The guidelines will define where to layout the body! Anyways, don't forget to add in all those awesome details for the face and fingers. After you've done that we'll proceed onto the next step!   STEP 3. Ok people this is where we will start drawing the rest of the legs. Remember that straight line you made in the guidelines near the crotch area? This will make things way easier! We are going to add in all those spiffy details to the calves after we've finished drawing the rest of legs. After that we have to finish off the arms and some of the face and head. Make some guidelines for Solid Snake's gun as well. How to draw solid snake is really complex sometimes *faints* ^_____^   STEP 4. Now my kiddies, we will now add tons of those details onto Snake's legs. There are tons of straps and thingamajigs on his legs so we have to add them! I find drawing the straps pretty easy since they're all curvy lines. Don't forget to add in that little pouch on the side of his waist. In this step we will complete some of the gun as well as the hair on his head! Are you ready to proceed onto the next how to draw solid snake step?   STEP 5. Whew, this is hardest part for me. I hate adding complex details to the inside of the straps. The shoes are pretty hard for me too. I can barely draw feet but this time I was lucky I guess. Alright, when you draw his face, be sure to add some shading to the his chin and top part of his mouth. This will give our handsome hero that gruff look he always appears to be. When you draw his eyes, you barely see any of his eyebrows because of his bandanna that he wears. It kinda reminds me of kakashi from naruto. After you've complete that we will start to add in the details of his hair. Mission accomplished? I'm making the impossible possible!!   STEP 6. Now my children we will draw in some tiny details to the rest of Solid Snake A.K.A David. The fun part for me is adding in the two straps from the bandanna! I love how I made it in a flowing position! It portrays him as being in action! To finish off our hero, add some lasting details to his gun and knife.   STEP 7. Ok peeps, this is where the mission ends. Here you see the line art for the cute action star! To bad he looks really old XDD. If you wish, you can print this out to practice on. If you try this tutorial out make sure you post it on my dragoart site! I hope you liked the lesson on how to draw solid snake from metal gear solid! Have fun my friends!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.