How to Draw a Cartoon Monster

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STEP 1. Alright now, in this step we shall begin with an egg shape for the core of the body. When we draw all of these odd lines, you must place them in the exact spot shown. These lines will help guide your drawing to a better outcome. So let's continue! Add some lines for the feet, tail, two arms, guidelines for the face, and the three horns that are planted on the top of this beast's head.   STEP 2. Ok, this is when we will progress to draw some of the facial features. This only includes drawing the big snarly mouth of the beast. We will now sketch in the lines for the arms and the stubby legs of the monster. Don't forget to add some lines for the curvy horns on the top of its head! After you have done all of that, get ready to move onto the next easy step on how to draw a cartoon monster!   STEP 3. This is the fun part! As you can see, this monster looks like a spider standing upwards on four legs! In the next step we will add more lines to make it not look like that! So in this step, let’s focus on drawing the rest of the bottom of the arms and the guidelines for the hands. When you draw the hands like this, its best to make the lines curved inward. This will give the impression of the monster wanting to eat or strike at something! Don't forget to sculpt in those five eyes and the rest of those special monstrous horns!   STEP 4. Yay! This is where we will add in those extra details to the eyes! Remember how it looked weird and spider-ish in the previous step? Once you've added the eyelids and the pupils, you'll have yourself a nice set of monstrous eyes! You can use this same technique on all of your monster creations! The eyes are my favorite part when it comes to define a creepy creature like this! Now the next part is to sketch in those beastly teeth! I wanted them to appear shark like! I love how shark's teeth are really thin but deadly. They can slice through anything! Did you know if a shark bit you, you wouldn't notice right away? It's so true! Their teeth are so sharp that you couldn't feel the pain for a few minutes. It's like you’re in shock. Nevertheless, we are now going to add the peels of skin around its mouth. This will make your monster's mouth look like it’s opened to the max. Before we end this step, don't forget to add the rest of the feet, tail, and hands!   STEP 5. This is basically what you should end up with for the lineart. All of the features I shown you to draw should be included in your line work! Remember to erase the unneeded guidelines from step one so that your final picture looks clean and cut! Don't forget to ink out your drawing! You want your monster to look clean and lean and mean! I hope this lesson on how to draw monsters was of help to you! I enjoyed having to show you this lesson! Have happy drawing days people!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.