How to Draw a Rhinoceros

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STEP 1. Alrighty, this is the step when we will draw the guidelines of the body and head. First start out with a huge oval for the body and a circle for the head. Don't forget to add the lines for the legging as well. This is an important process of the tutorial because it will help you layout the rest of the body with ease.   STEP 2. Now we are going to start drawing the huge horn and the snout below it. Add some of the fore and backlegs. The bottom of the rhino will extend upwards from the backleg and into the mid top of the oval. After that draw the cheek of the rhino. Once you have followed that, get ready to move on to the next step!   STEP 3. Now we will draw the some more details to the face as well. Draw the eye, nose, and the other horn and ear. Don't forget to sketch in the large hump that extends from the head. We will now start drawing the folds in the neck of the skin. Add in the rest of the backleg as well.   STEP 4. In this last step we will draw the folds in the skin once again. Draw the rest of the foreleg on the side of the other foreleg. Finish off the first foreleg we drew by adding in the rest of elbow and chest. After that shade in the darkest spot of the inner ear. Once you have completed all this draw the cute little tail at the back of the rhino.   STEP 5. Now now, this is what your lineart should look like after you've followed the steps above. Our rhino looks...sick and tired of being created! Lol I hope you had some fun with this lesson! I had to make sure I got the rhino looking right! I searched up alot of pictures to see if everything was included with this creature XD. Please tell me if this lesson on how to draw draw rhino step by step was useful to you! Enjoy your drawing!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.