How to Draw a Female Sci-Fi Creature

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STEP 1. Okay as you can tell this will be a very long and complex lesson to draw out. You will first need to draw out the guidelines and shapes to for a workable frame for your alien like female creature. To do this start with a circle for her head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw all the remaining lines of position that the body will be in pose with. Make sure you take your time or else your sci-fi creature will come out looking warped.   STEP 2. Now that you have her body frame drawn out and in motion you will start sketching out the shape of her perfectly portioned body. Start with thickening the wing arm and then work your way down to her body starting with her breast, torso and then legs. Once that is done move back up and add the lining for her eyes and left hand as shown to you here.   STEP 3. Now that that is done you will start your third step and normally when you have reached your third step, your half way finished with the lesson. But for this tutorial you will not come half way until step four. So let’s begin this step by sketching out the spiky looking Mohawk of hair that I have created for this sci-fi being. Next, start adding the shape and thickness of the fingers that are a part of her wings. Once you have done that draw out the shape of her behind, legs and feet. You will also add the side mask on her face almost like an android. Add some shape to the fly like arms as well behind the wing arms.   STEP 4. Now that you have finally reached step four, you are at your half way point with this lesson. To make this step easy you will start by drawing out the shape of the fly like legs in the back of her and the draw out the wing tissue or membrane to fill the wings in. Once that is complete you will detail and define her feminine body by giving her a set of plump breast and finish off the shape of her feet which happen to be dragonish. You will also start adding the clothing design in her legs as you can see here.   STEP 5. Now that you have reached step five you will start sketching out the detailing definition to her body. Start with her face. You will sketch out the shape of her eyes and nose and then give her a shirt line that stops in the middle of her nipple. Next add some detail to her chest and then start adding her shape to the wing bone and then the wing fingers. Give some rips on the side of her leg and then add a toe nail.   STEP 6. Well you have almost come to your wits end because you are one more step away from completion. What you will do here is first sketch out more of the facial detail and definition by giving her a mouth and then adding detail to the side of her face. Add some slim dripping on the fly arm and then finish off the design of her dragon like wings. You will end this step by adding more definition and detail to her leggings and her waist.   STEP 7. You have come to the end of this lesson and all you have to do is add the finishing touches. Add the exposed jaw bone or teeth and then define her body limbs as you see here. You will then draw out the definition to the wing tissue and then start erasing all the guidelines you drew in step one.   STEP 8. You have now seen what this creature should look like when you are finished. All you have to do now is color her in and you are now complete. You have just learned how to draw a female sci-fi creature step by step. I hope you had a butt load of fun with this lesson, be sure to drop me a line on what you think of her and don't forget to vote.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.