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STEP 1. Step one: Draw a small ball, with two curved lines on the sides close to the top. These will be the base of the wings. It is hard to get the ball round, so i didn't do it. Getting things completely round is one of the hardest things for me! So once you add the wing joints, you are ready for Step two.   STEP 2. Step two: Now complete the shape of the wings by making an extra long-sided v shape on each wing. these are hard to get perfect the first time, especially if you are using a computer paint program. If you don't get them just right and touching each other, when you use the paint bucket it'll color the whole outside of the picture!!! So once you get those done you can move onto Step three.   STEP 3. Step three: Okay now you can add some detail to the Snitch itself. You can do any design, although i followed a plastic Snitch that i found at a book store. The design is very important, because it adds a certain mystique to the ball. You can make yours much more detailed than i did! Also add some lines to the wings, to make a 'feathery' effect. Again, i am not really 'detailed' with this part so you can do more than I did. Make sure, if using a computer paint program, to use a dark grey to do this so it will show up when you use lighter grey to color in the wings. Now onto your last step... Step four! Da da dunn!   STEP 4. Step four: This is your final step in drawing the Golden Snitch! All you have to do is color in the wings and the ball. This is perhaps the easiest step of all! Well kids, this is the end of our Golden Snitch adventure! Have fun drawing and comment! Thank you for checking it out! Let me know what you think!!!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.