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STEP 1. Okay, you'll begin with ur basic outline as shown here.   STEP 2. OKay, now sketch in the nostrils and the eye. Draw out the leaf on top of it's head and sketch out the back of it's head.   STEP 3. Draw a small curve for it's eyebrow and sketch out the mouth and neck. Draw one of the leaf thingys on it's neck.   STEP 4. Continue of drawing the leaf pod things.   STEP 5. Sketch out two more leaf pods and draw the back and tail. Sketch the backside of the back leg.   STEP 6. OK, now you'll finish the back leg and sketch out the front legs. Draw the little nail, hoof things under each leg.   STEP 7. KK, so when you erase the lines from step one, or ink out the drawing in a black pen or whatever, you can color it nice pretty colors. So I'm gonna submit a Pikachu pretty soon cuz my friend is starting to put up Pokemon tutorials and want's me to do some, too. So, till then, peace. TTYL! X3   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.