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STEP 1. First, we shall lay down the foundation for picture. Not much to say here. Don't worry too much about the shape of everything. We'll go back and fix stuff and a lot will be lost. Make sure you get the posture and relations right though.   STEP 2. Now is simply fleshing out the body. Howl has very thin legs so be sure to keep that in mind. Don't worry about the arms too much because they are going to be covered up. Just make some simple lines for reference. For the side of his face, he has a very gentle curve so don't overdo it or else it won't look right.   STEP 3. Now fill in the details in the face and the hands and feet. For the eyes, he has darker upper lids and very faint lower ones so for the bottom ones, you can draw a very faint line or just leave it off. Also, hide the back shoulder behind the torso.   STEP 4. Now we draw in his jacket, hair, and eye details and get rid of the extra reference lines. Now, don't get too much hair in his face or else he'll look dirty and you won't be able to see those gorgeous eyes. (hair and eyes are my favorite ;D) You can include the sleeves of the jacket behind him but I left them off. Also, make sure you have the gold trim on his jacket.   STEP 5. Now add the quilted pattern to his jacket and draw in his necklace. It is a little circular gem with a teardrop shaped one below it if you needed any clarification. For his shirt, give him a v-neck sort of cut with two triangles coming off of each side for the collar. Draw him some cuffs and puffiness. Make sure his pants are up to his waist. Add a little line or two to suggest wrinkles where the shirt is tucked in.   STEP 6. Alright, we're almost done here but there is an optional step of adding his wings. I personally think they are gorgeous but you don't have to if you don't want to.   STEP 7. All that is left is the coloring. Since I chose to give him the wings, I made his hair blue but throughout the movie, he has blond and redheaded if you prefer. The background was rendered fairly easily in photoshop. If anybody wants to request it, I could make a tutorial about that as well. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and learned from this tutorial. I'd love to see your results if you want to show them. In that case, leave me a comment and I'll take a look. So, have a great day and never stop drawing!!!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.