How to Draw a Snarling Wolf

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STEP 1. First, we'll get down the guidelines. In this particular drawing, they are very important. So, draw a square with a rectangle coming off the side. This will be the muzzle. Make sure the muzzle isn't too big or too small. It should be roughly 4/5 or 3/4 of the main square where the cranial mass is.   STEP 2. Now all we have to do for this step is draw a curved line between the tip of the muzzle and the brow of the cranial mass and erase the lines in between.   STEP 3. Now just put in the eyebrows, eyes, and the nose. Since wolves are predators, their eyes face forward unlike the animals that eat plants so their eyes will look like a triangle with a rounded side. This may take some experimentation to get just right. Don't forget a bit of eyelash! Even ferocious monsters have eyelashes!   STEP 4. Now we make the lips and add the layout for the highlights in the eye and nose. Make sure that your lips are really stretched to expose the teeth and that they are pulled down in a frown. Unless of course you want an evil looking smile.   STEP 5. Here, we shade in the eye, the nose, the teeth and the lips. For the eye, you can have a normal eye, or whatever you want but I chose to have pure black eyes. As for the nose, make the area below the highlight darker than the part above. You can't really see that I did it with the scan but it makes it look more three dimensional. With the lips, shade where the top of the curve is for the upper lip and shade most of the bottom lip. I like to add a little highlight in the bottom one as you can see in the pic. For the teeth, I know these are really unrealistic but they look pretty cool. Remember to draw the upper teeth first and then draw the lower teeth below them.   STEP 6. Now add the ear and some snarling creases in the muzzle. Remember to keep the ear pulled back and don't forget the little fluff of fur.   STEP 7. Now for the last step, add the jawbone fluff. Simply draw some longer fur starting right below the edge of the lip around the corner to the base of the ear. You can put however much fur you feel is right there. So, there you have it! A monstrous wolf. Also, with some simple changes, it could be a dragon or something else. Hope you had fun and I hope to see your results!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.