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STEP 1. Ok in this step we will draw the basic frame of our jovial Bleach character. I always start off with this frame. If you've ever watch me draw live, you can tell that I draw my bodies with these frames. Make sure you pay attention the head area. Most people have trouble with drawing the face more than drawing the body. Start off with a basic circle and some guidelines. After you've done all this, move onto step 2!   STEP 2. Ok so basically we’re on step 2 of the how to draw Urahara Kisuke tutorial. What we’re gonna do in this step is start drawing the actual character. All you have to do is draw the right outer shapes and folds of his clothing. We’re not going to do his face yet until we draw his hat. I don’t know why, but drawing the hat first is easier then his face. I think it’s probably because the hat line is going to help guide you where the face should be. Now, you ready for step 3?   STEP 3. Ok so we’re on step 3 now. In this step we’re going to sketch out the other side of Urahara Kisuke’s body. I like drawing this way because it gets so much done. Ok so make sure you draw his bucket hat tilted to the right. This will give shape to the hand that will be in back of it. Usually Urahara is always holding his hat in some way. After, work on his pants as well as pant legs. I know you’re so ready for the next step!   STEP 4. Now we are working on the 4th step. I know lots of work on this one! All you gotta do to get this step over with is start drawing the inside details of the body. We will do this by adding the fan, the outer suit, his hand, and the rest of the folds in his clothing. After you’ve accomplished all of that good stuff, move onto step 5. You should find step five to be very easy!   STEP 5. So this is step 5 we are working on. As you can see there aren’t many things to draw for this step. I know the face will be pretty challenging. I should have made a large portrait sized face to make steps from. I’ll do that later. For now let’s get all these steps over with! When you draw Urahara’s hat, make sure you add in those stripe like designs. Urahara is known for his beautiful hat and flawless face XD. Well peeps, it is now time for the lineart!   STEP 6. Yay, you’ve made it to the final lineart! This isn’t very interesting like the other tutorial steps on how to draw Urahara. You can clean up your pencil work and start inking him out just like I did here! I really hope you had fun on this awesome step by step drawing tutorial! I know I had a lot of fun making it! Peace out everyone!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.