How to Draw a Love Tattoo

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STEP 1. To start with, you have to draw two curved lines parallel to each other. Now separate the space for your four letters in equal partitions.   STEP 2. Now sketch out the basic letters, in any way you want. Keep them as simple as you can for this step. Becoz, in the next step we are going to give them some extra flavours.   STEP 3. So, as you have imagined, this step is a test for your creativity. I tried to make it as simple as I can. Graffiti dudes among you can do it much better than me. For all you artists don’t stick with the letters I have given, but try to make your own creations. You'll surely come out with something interesting.   STEP 4. Draw out a heart shape, touching the letters O and E. Also draw a curvy line across the heart, which is going to be our arrow penetrating the heart.   STEP 5. Now in this step we are going to work on the arrow. First we move to the bottom and draw two curved lines, then make a slightly curved pointed arrow. On the top, we've to make those feathers attached. Give them a little curvy touch, becoz we've to make them in the motion of the arrow. Oh boy, we're about to finish this tutorial. I hope u've enjoyed this far. Also draw a little blood drop at the bottom part of the arrow.   STEP 6. Now we move on to the toughest part of the tutorial. Remove the basic lines we've drawn in the very starting. Dnt laugh, i always find it very hard to remove those unwanted lines.   STEP 7. For the last step, we're going to draw some shadows to make it look more attractive. All done, now its upto you to either leave it as it is, or color it to make it feel lively. Hav a gud time wid your coloring techniques.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.