How to Draw a Fantasy Fairy

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STEP 1. We will start like we always do, with head and body guides.   STEP 2. Next, you will sketch in the shape of the face or what you can see along with the parted bangs or hair which will cover almost all of the fairy's face.   STEP 3. Like I said, almost her whole face is covered. Draw the large tear drop shaped eye, then add the eyebrow which attaches to the eye shape.   STEP 4. Here you will use the facial guidelines to sketch in the nose and mouth. The lips are small because she is a small fairy.   STEP 5. Moving forward. We will now focus on getting the hair/head draw out. For my fairy I wanted her to have long curly hair that falls loosely down the sides of her face. You will sketch in the large elven style ear like so, then add some root definition to the top of her head.   STEP 6. Draw the back arch, then draw in her arm and hand. The hand is resting on the small petite arm as you can see here.   STEP 7. We will now draw the fantasy fairy's body. It is small, thin and very dainty. She is wearing a one piece dress and her legs are pushed up against the chest. She is also sitting on a mushroom or you can make it a rock if you like.   STEP 8. We will now work on getting her big beautiful wings drawn out. Instead of a straight lined style of wings, I wanted to make them rounded. The rib line should be lower then most fairy wings. Remember you can choose to draw any style wing you like.   STEP 9. Almost done people. Draw out the pattern you would like on your fairy's wings. I chose to go with something a bit more complex but you can do something simple. Shade or color in the design pattern on the wings like so, then proceed to step ten which is also the last drawing step.   STEP 10. Lastly, draw the grass in the background. She is sitting in an area that surrounds her with grass, leaves, mushrooms, rocks and even insects. You can choose to add more objects, but I didn't want to crowd the drawing. Erase your mistakes and you are done.   STEP 11. Here is the finished drawing. When you are done you can color it in.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11.