How to Draw a Hyena

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STEP 1. Okay lets get down to the nitty gritty. Draw three shapes, one for the head, one for the mid section of the hyena's body and one for the butt end. You will then add the facial guidelines as well as the limb lines. Cap off the limb lines with small circle shapes for the feet.   STEP 2. Now you will start sketching out the legs for the front as well as the hyena's hind legs. Next draw a slit line on the left side for the neck and then draw the eyes as well as shade them in. Make sure your sketching technique includes some loose lines for the fur or hair.   STEP 3. You have reached the third step which means you are almost done. What I want you to do now is start sketching out the rest of the leg shapes and the paws. Again, use a hair sketching technique because hyena's are relatively hairy so you must convey that in your drawing. Make sure you sketch out the underbelly as well.   STEP 4. You will now sketch out the shape of the hyena's head, the shape of the big round ears, the shape of the hyena's face, and then the round bold nose. Add some spots as you see here and then add some detailing and shading to the face, nose, ears and body. Sketch out the short fuzz that they have going down their spin and then draw out the rest of the body shape. You will lastly draw the markings on the hind legs.   STEP 5. This is your final step and all you have to do is start erasing all the sketch lines and shapes to clean up your hyena. Once that is done you can go ahead ans start drawing in the spots and then add the shading as well.   STEP 6. This is what your hyena should look like when you are done. If you want to you cam color in the animal and you have just learned "how to draw a hyena step by step".   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.