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STEP 1. Like always you are going to start this step with some lines and a shape. the shape will be for the face and head of the mime and that is an egg shape. Next add the facial guidelines and then draw the limb lines as they are drawn out for you here.   STEP 2. Since my mime has messy looking hair, that is what you will sketch out next. You will then draw out the actual shape of the mimes face and then draw the eat as well. See, so far this lesson is pretty simple right?   STEP 3. Okay, I wanted my mime to have a classic look so I drew a French style looking hat. Once the hat is drawn out I want you to draw out the eyes, nose and mouth. Add the slit lines on the top and bottom eyelids as seen here. Next draw the shirt collar and then begin drawing out the arms.   STEP 4. Wow look how cute your mime is coming out. I love it. What I want you to do now is draw out the rest of the arm shapes and then draw the hands. You will also draw out the shirt shape too.   STEP 5. Draw the stripes on the mimes shirt sleeves, and then draw out the mimes pants as seen here. If you want to you can start erasing the guidelines and shapes that you no longer need.   STEP 6. Okay now draw out the horizontal lines on the shirt to finish that off, then draw out the shoes as well. You can start erasing the rest of the guidelines that you drew to clean up your work.   STEP 7. Well here you have your very own mime and I think that he came out looking great. Good job! What I want you guys to do next is add some color to make this silent character more alive. That will end this tutorial on "how to draw a mime step by step"   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.