How to Draw Teggy the Great Lion

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STEP 1. Start with one large oval, which will turn out to be the lions mane, along with a smaller circle in the middle near the top on the inside of the oval. Now draw another circle out by the oval but don't draw it too far away, this will end up being the main part of his middle area. So don't make him too big around the belly.   STEP 2. Moving on now that you have step 1, you will need to start to give Teggy his legs. Draw two legs out front under the oval of the main and make them the same length. Afterwards move to his back legs. His first hind leg is going to be stretched out so make it longer on a slope and his other leg is in behind him so draw it down a bit further than the front ones. Lastly on step 2 you will need to draw a small circle inside the oval of the main. This circle will be his muzzle later on.   STEP 3. This part is easy. In step 3 just add the outline of where you want the lions wings to be and a tail behind him. Also add a cross through the two circles in the oval that will help you a-line the lion's face   STEP 4. Step 4 is where things start to get harder. You now have to start by putting in the details now that you have the main outline of Teggy. Start by drawing his main like the wind is blowing it off to one side and add the outline of where his paws will be and how big they'll be. also add a slope where Teggy will be standing on.   STEP 5. Step 5 I will say is most likely the most challenging. You must now put in all the details but the wings. Start at the paws and take your time slowly working up to his face. Once at his face use the cross lines to help center where his nose is and how far apart you want his eyes. Dont forget to put detail into his muzzle, and shape his legs.   STEP 6. Your almost done! Don't give up now. Lastely you have to draw the details of Teggy's wings. Now this isn't too hard if you break it up. Do the first row of feathers, then the second and third. You'll find this rather easy after a few minutes. And dont forget to do his other wing off to the side of his head, that wing doesn't have too much detail into it.   STEP 7. Finally to end off your drawing erase all those lines you don't need. and there you have it, Teggy! or whatever you would like to name him. Thanks for reading my tutorial :)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.