How to Draw Carnage

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STEP 1. Are you ready to start or what? First draw several shapes that will attach to several guidelines. Start with the circle for Carnage's head and then add the facial guidelines and neck shape. You will then draw out and attach the neck and head to another circle shape for the torso of Carnage. Once that is done draw the limb shapes for the arms, waist and legs.   STEP 2. You will now start sketching out the shapes of Carnage's arms and the shape of his head and his open mouth. You will also sketch in the lines that will be the slimy looking strands that makes up Carnage's body.   STEP 3. In this step you will start sketching the water looking spiked lines that are drawn up and down the arms and hands of Carnage. Sketch out the eye shapes and then the facial design. Don't forget to add the finger lines as well.   STEP 4. Here in this step you will start learning how to draw Carnage's body. But first sketch out the sharp teeth and then draw the chest muscle lines. Once the chest muscles are drawn out add definition between his chest as seen here. Next sketch out the collar bones and then thicken his arms and finish off his hands and fingers. Next sketch out the ribs and the slim that is stretching with his body.   STEP 5. Sketch the ab muscle lines as seen here for Carnage and then start sketching out his thighs on the outside. Again, sketch more droplets of slim and have the mass stretch between his legs and arms.   STEP 6. You will sketch in some definition on his thighs and then draw the inner parts to his muscular thighs. Sketch in more slim and then move to the next step. Don't worry you are almost done.   STEP 7. You will finish off drawing out Carnage's legs and then add more of the symboite tissue as seen on the outside of his legs.   STEP 8. Here you will first start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and then sketch in and color the black stripes that Carnage has on his body. The body of Carnage is made up of tissue that is harder and more resistant to physical injury than a regular hero like Spiderman.   STEP 9. Once you are done you should end up with a sketch that looks like the one you see here. Grab your red crayon, marker, pencil, or paintbrush and color in the Marvel character. I know that this lesson on "how to draw Carnage from Spiderman" step by step seemed hard, but it was really simple.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.