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STEP 1. start with the basic head shape, using a circle and some lines. Also the lines for the eyes, and the shoulders. Make sure the shoulder lines aren't touching his head, as this makes him look weak   STEP 2. start with the hair, making sure the ends are pointy. Make a few bit droop down, and the rest sticking up. It should look a bit like a pine-cone. Make sure yours doesn't look as bad as mine, as i ran out of room so had to squish it. Then add the eyes, eye-brows, neck and robe thing.   STEP 3. in this step, add some lines in the hair to emphasis the direction, some ears, another cloth, muscles and shadows on the cloth. I also fixed up the face, as it was to chubby. Also rub out some of the start lines   STEP 4. not much to do here, just fix up the hair, rub out a few more lines, and add some wrinkles   STEP 5. All thats left is to shade the shadows on the clothes   STEP 6. This is what it should (or shouldn't) look like when you have colored it in. But you don't need to color it, as it looks good both ways   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.