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STEP 1. Right, as always I'll try and keep things simple. Draw a box - nothing easier than that really. Then draw 2 slanted crosses, and a diagonal line, for the '0', '0', and '7'.   STEP 2. Now, use those crosses to evenly sketch out 2 slanted circles. then draw the top of the '7' as you can see it.   STEP 3. Draw the inside circles of the '0's, and the rest of the '7'. I'd ask how you all are, but I don't think you're finding this too difficult...are you?   STEP 4. Okay, draw the barrel of the gun that follows the '7'. It's basically a rectangle with a thin strip cut off. Under that, draw what looks like a very straight-edged 'J' as you see it in the picture.   STEP 5. Draw out a thicker 'J' with a curl on the left edge to make the trigger and finish the gun.   STEP 6. Done. Told you it was simple. Color it in black, blue, pink or rainbow; I couldn't care less. Leave a comment if you thought this was pointless or useful, and if anyone wants to talk (or even make a request), I'm a nice guy...really...   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.