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STEP 1. First off, you start with a basic anime head. After all, you DO need to a head to draw hair on! =D   STEP 2. Start by drawing his bangs and his ears. The bangs are shaped like triangles and fall pretty far into the face. Note that the ears are NOT on the sides of the head, but they are on the top. Each ear is just a rounded and curved triangle without a point.   STEP 3. Draw the two pieces of hair that constantly hang by his neck. Think of them almost as 'Z'-shaped and rounded at the corners. They fall to below his neck. Around the whole head itself, draw an outline to show the rest of the hair that he has loose. (Seen as a half-circle at the top, etc.)   STEP 4. Erase all the guidelines and this is what you should be left with.   STEP 5. Now that you have finished the hair, you need the shadow lines. Draw lines that are almost similar to the hair itself for the shadow lines so you know where to shade. And when you are totally satisfied, you are done! And there you have it- and that really wasn't as intimidating as you thought, was it? Thank you for taking a look at my tutorial and don't forget to leave a comment and rate! ^_^   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.