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STEP 1. lets get started. The left side is cartoon girl eyes and the right side is the cartoon boy eyes. What you will do first is pretty obvious, you will draw out the shapes and lines for all the eyes you see here. You can choose to draw all the cartoon eyes, or pick and choose from the pile.   STEP 2. In this second step you will finish drawing out the shapes of the eyes you didn't do in step one and then for the cartoon girl eyes, you will draw the eyelashes and some of the eyeballs. All you need to do for the cartoon boy eyes is add the eyeball shapes.   STEP 3. Well here is your final drawing step and all you need to do now is sketch out the eyebrows for all the cartoon eyes and then color in the pupils and eyebrows. Once that is done you can start erasing any guidelines you may have to clean up your nice looking cartoon eyes you just drew.   STEP 4. When you are done you should end up with a variety of cartoon eyes like you see here. Pick which ones you want to use and you have just finished this lesson on "how to draw cartoon eyes step by step". Remember, you can also choose to learn "how to draw a cartoon eye" also, that is totally up to you.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.