How to Draw a Biohazard Sign

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STEP 1. Very hard to tell but you will be starting out with 3 crescent moon kind of lines. Also you can say its like a banana line. Draw 3, If you can't tell it look at the top picture and draw the middle lines of each.   STEP 2. Okay now we are working on this fast. For the second step you will draw surrounding lines curving the same way as the banana lines. draw the two lines around each one. It will now look like 3 overlapping bananas. Don't worry this part will be fixed in the final step.   STEP 3. Ok. This is the final step to the sign. Now just erase some of the overlapping lines till yours looks like so. Each banana-ish section will under lap twice. Now that it is done, color if you wish like the image or how ever you want to.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.