How to Draw the Team Dai-Gurren Skull

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STEP 1. Ok for the first step we need the basic guidelines. Start with a long vertical line down the middle. This will divide it up evenly. Please ignore the erased lines you see as I accidentally started on step 2. You will have two horizontal lines for the shades, 2 more verticals for the side flames, and 2 curvy lines up the side.   STEP 2. Ok now we will draw in the shades, notice they will not be exactly congruent on each side. They are slightly tilted. At the triangle that was drawn, you will curve it more for the nose. At the curved line below it, you will start 5 lines along it(look at main pic if you can't see where to put them). Also you will draw around the side curves making a more dramatic curve with it, and above the shades the start of the head flames.   STEP 3. Ok moving and qorking a lot on this step. You will be drawing in the teeth looking parts of the skull by joining them with oval kind of lines. also you need to extend the farthes teeth left and right higher up and connect them to the shades with the curved line shown. You will now add the flames of the top sides. On the side flames, you will have them complete this step. Curve properly, add correctly, then move to the final step.   STEP 4. Ok now time to finish this up. Sorry I forgot the top flames step then the erasing one. So here it is. Draw in the rest of the head flames then finish anything I may have forgot to mention. Remember that this skull is mostly congruent. Once you have the head flame erase visible guidelines and WALA! You have Team Dai-Gurren's Skull logo. Happy drawing   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.