How to draw a Cute Cat Girl Chibi

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How to draw a Cute Cat Girl Chibi 2

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STEP 1. Draw a circle for your cat girl's head. We'll call her Sue.   STEP 2. Draw a half cylinder shape for her body. You can change the waist line a bit, to make her thinner or fatter. Sue is a child, so we'll leave her just the way she is.   STEP 3. Draw two smaller cylinder shapes for her legs. They can be a length of your choice, to make the character taller or shorter. Se is a medium hight girl, so we'll make her legs that length.   STEP 4. Draw two rectangle shapes for the arms, and add three "fingers" at the end. These give the girl's paw more shape. Sue is waving at us, so her pad will face towards us instead of back. Note: I made the arms a little thinner than i would like them to be, so if you want to, you can make the arms a little thicker. :)   STEP 5. Draw the hair as you wish. Sue's hair is strait and short, so that is how it looks. If you need more ideas on how to make hairstyles, I think there are some tutorials on that.   STEP 6. Next, draw the ears and tail. Notice the ears don't come from the face or the back of the head, but from the top, in the middle. Draw little tufts of hair in front of the ear, so it looks like it's in the hair, not on it. Notice where the tail comes from, not to low, no to high. That is about where the tail bone is, and that is where cat girls would grow a tail. Sue is happy, so her ears are up. If your girl is upset or angry, you would make her ears bent back, so she appears the way she feels.   STEP 7. Now for some clothing. When you wear clothes, they aren't even with your skin, they most likely hang off your body a little (if not a lot) so you don't want to make her clothes seem level with her body. You can see how I drew the clothes by looking at her body line and at the clothes line. Sue is a child, so she won't be wearing a shirt that exposes a lot of skin. You can draw whatever clothes you like on your character that fits her.   STEP 8. Bottoms are tricky, because of the tail. If you want to draw a skirt, like I did on Sue, that's above the base of the tail, then the tail must be under the skirt and come out of it, and notice how I arranged the skirt, to where the tail holds part of the skirt up. If you draw a skirt that is below the tail base, then the tail must be above the skirt, and will not affect the skirt's position. Now if you draw pants on your girl, then the tail will always be above the pants, and the pants will always be lower than the tail base. If you decide to draw a dress, then it will always be above the tail, there fore the tail will hold up the dress, like it did to the skirt Sue is wearing. I also drew the shoes on in this step. They are fairly easy to draw. If you want shoes that are very short, then draw them as long as Sue's. Different shoes have different heights, so experiment on which you think looks best on your girl.   STEP 9. This is a part that almost every drawing tutorial has: Erase all unnecessary lines.   STEP 10. We're nearly done! Add a face, and if you are able to see your girls pad(palm) then draw that, too. The eyes are underneath the hair, and so very easy to draw. Draw a curved line for the eye lid/eye brow, then draw a "V" shape for the pupil. I don't usually add eye color to my girls, but you can if you want. Draw the mouth (easy enough). The pads are simply circles. Draw three circles for every "finger" you see, and an oval shape going across the middle of the pad. If you need help on where to position them, look at the drawing. Now is also time to add any extra details you want, like a special marking, a pattern on the clothes, jewelry, it's your choice.   STEP 11. Color it any way you want to! You can also add shadows to your drawing, I just didn't feel like it. Also notice how I didn't add any white to the eye, it makes it look more cat like. This is my first tutorial, so tell me what you think of it, and I'll add more!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11.