How to Draw a Cartoon Cat Head

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STEP 1. Draw a circle for the head. In this case, we're drawing me as a cat, Sunstar.   STEP 2. Draw guidance lines to help you draw the face where the cat is looking. Sunstar is looking forward, so this is where I will draw the guidance lines.   STEP 3. Draw the ears. I draw them the easy way, draw a strait line for the back of the ears, and then draw a slightly curved line for the other half. I don't even draw lines for the inside of the ear. Sunstar is happy, so her ears are up. If she was angry or upset, then her ears would be back. You can draw them that way just by rotating the strait line to whatever position you want.   STEP 4. To add shape to the head, draw two curved lines coming from the bottom of the ears to the jawbone. It adds depth to the head.   STEP 5. Draw tufts of fur at the ends of these lines to make your cat look fuzzy. Sunstar is a short-haired cat, so her tufts of fur won't be so long. If your cat is a long-haired cat, then I would make the fur longer and there would be more of it, to show that your cat has more hair.   STEP 6. Here you draw the neck. It's pretty simple, but you have to get the lines at just the right point. If you set them to close together or to far apart, your cat's neck would look deformed. So try to be careful on where you put your cat's neck. Sunstar is standing up, so her neck would look like that. If your cat is sitting down, then the neck would go strait down, maybe with a little curve to it. Experiment on what looks best with your cat. :)   STEP 7. Draw the nose and eye lids/eye brows. The nose will be just below (if not dead on) the point where your two guidance lines meet. Your eye "lines" will be above the horizontal guidance line. Leave as much space between the eye lines and the guidance line as you want the size of your eyes to be.   STEP 8. Now draw your eyes. They will be fairly tough until you get the hang of it, but it's not too difficult. Draw a small curve that goes out towards the source of light, about half way down to the guidance line, maybe a little shorter. Then draw another curved line from the same place you started the first one, but this time, go all the way down to the guidance line. Then go up to the end of the first curve and you're done!I'm sure that was pretty confusing, so if you need help, just look at the picture to see what your doing.   STEP 9. Now add the mouth and the pupils. The mouth is easy. The pupils are quite simple too, actually. First draw a small curve from halfway inside the top of the eye to the side, making a shape almost like a half-circle. Then draw a line going down the inside of the eye. Look at the picture as a guideline. Sunstar is looking ahead, her pupils are positioned in the middle of the eye. Depending on where your cat is looking, the position will be different. Also, if your cat is looking up, then you would make the pupil shorter. If your cat is looking down, then you would make it longer. You can see how the length and position of the pupil alone can tell where the cat is looking.   STEP 10. Draw the tufts of fur on top. There are many varieties, so experiment on which ones fits your cat best.   STEP 11. Erase all unnecessary lines.   STEP 12. And color! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! I'll make more soon!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Step 10. Step 11. Step 12.