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STEP 1. Sketch out the basic form of a male human body. Use small circles to show where certain joints are. Where the hands should be, draw figures similar to the outline of a hand. On the circle at the top fro the head, draw a center line and two parallel guidelines for the eyes.   STEP 2. Alright, now I know that you're probably laughing at how weird this picture looks, but this is what Brock has to look like! Although it looks really fat and bulky, it'll begin to look better when you start drawing in the clothes. Using the first figure as an outline, draw in the arms, mid-section and legs. Don't worry, you don't have to spend forever trying to get this step perfect! One more little thing before you move on: draw in two little ears on either side of his head.   STEP 3. Now you start to draw in the clothing. As for the pants, be sure to make them bulky and much larger than the legs themselves. There should be a small collar at the neck and on his mid-section, there should be a jacket. The short sleeved shirt goes up to right above his elbows.   STEP 4. Erase all the guidelines in the upper part of the body and the legs. Add in some detail on his clothes such as the two lines on his pants and jacket and the pockets on his jacket. Using the two small lines you made in the first step for the feet, sketch out the basic form of a boot. At the end of this step, if you look hard enough, you can begin to see Brock take shape.   STEP 5. Using the guidelines left on the bottom of the arms, draw out the hands. If you find it difficult to draw, grab a mirror and use your own hand as a guide- but the hands on this picture have to be cartoon hands and be rounded and a little more bulky than normal hands. On his head, at the top of the circle, draw a few zig-zag lines for his hair. Then move down to the very bottom of the picture and draw in the straps and details on the boots as shown.   STEP 6. on the head, draw in two bold lines for his eyes and two darker lines above them for the eyebrows. Draw a tiny vertical line for the nose and two more lines for the mouth. At this point you should be almost done and you can begin to draw in lines on the clothing to make it look more realistic. Also, add in a bit of detail inside the ears.   STEP 7. Guess what? Once you clean up the drawing a bit, darken it in and erase the guidelines on the face, you are finally done! Don't forget to rate and leave a comment! Thank you! :D   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.