How to Draw a Chibi Werewolf

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STEP 1. There is three circle shapes that you will need to make for the first step if this lesson. The first one is for the head of this animal and then second is for the body. You will then draw an odd shape for the butt end and once that is done you can then attach all the guidelines and shapes to the chibi werewolf like the ears, legs, tail and face.   STEP 2. First things first! Sketch out the shape and style of the snout which is also the nose. When that is done draw three of the chibi werewolf's fingers on the bridge of the nose. Next draw the shape of the ear and then the back of the neck which needs to be a bit hairy.   STEP 3. Finish drawing out the ear as well as draw in another. Draw the lower part of the jaw and then make a tongue hang out. Sketch out the fluffiness of his chest and then continue to draw out the back line as you see here. You will notice a notch midway down the back, that is the belt.   STEP 4. You are almost done kiddies. What you have to do now is give this chibi beast some fangs or K-9s. When you are dine with that you can then start sketching out the front arm and both hind legs and paws. Draw the ripped pants in more detail and then define the leg and paw a bit.   STEP 5. Here is your last drawing step. Finish off the legs and then finish off the paw. You will then need to finish off the waist as well. Sketch out the big bushy tail and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.   STEP 6. "How to draw a chibi werewolf step by step". That is the lesson you started, and here is the lesson when you finished. Color in your chibi animal and you are all done. Good job guys!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.