How to Draw Fred Fredburger

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STEP 1. OK now this is the first step and you need to draw his three points of sharp hair.Then draw the back of his head and continue with the horns and draw one arm with the cartoon 4 fingers and the right side of his trunk.   STEP 2. Now draw his left arm the same as is right. Then draw the other side of his trunk and bottom of it which is two half ovals right next to each other and at the end of his trunk will be the middle of his cheek which is a fairly big half circle. Now draw his two egg shaped eyes in the middle of his head.   STEP 3. Ok from the middle of his left forearm draw a little of his back and then his awesome devil tail with a triangle on the end. Then continue to his toes onto his elephant feet and up to his trunk.   STEP 4. OK this step is for detail draw the two lines on his horns. Then move down two his pupils just two black dots in his eyes. now the lines on his hands and the three on his trunk and circle on his cheek and his mouth and cheek. Move on to his three toenails on each foot.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.