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STEP 1. It all begins with this wiggly figure! lol XD Doesn't it look funny? There should be a small oval with an indent for the head and a long rounded figure for the body. Draw four wiggly lines at the bottom for the legs, one more line for the tail and another one on the right side of the head.   STEP 2. Sketch in the four legs as shown. They are sort of bulky and have rounded points at the ends.   STEP 3. Begin to draw in the ears and details on the head and neck. Draw in around the wiggly line at the top and then sketch out the tail. Note that the tail is NOT straight.   STEP 4. Draw in the body details as shown in red. What you draw should seem to wrap around the body itself- it should have a curve to it.   STEP 5. Finish drawing in the body plates that you started in the last step. On the tips of the feet, draw in little curves for the design.   STEP 6. Draw in the oval area for the face and the chest plate, of you can call it that. XD Then draw another wiggly line at the top flare.   STEP 7. Here's the tough part! If you look at the picture, you see a series of bolded red lines, right? All those red lines need to go. Erase all of the lines in the areas that I higlighted. It gets a bit confusing with so much going on all at once, but just stick to one part at a time and make sure you erase all the parts I showed you before moving on to the next step.   STEP 8. Add in the circles in the four corners of the design on the body. Then finish up the face. Once again, on the right, you'll se a few more bold red lines. Erase those lines as well. And then move on to the next step!   STEP 9. When you finish up everything and erase the lines I showed you, this is what your picture should look like. After all those long steps, you are finally finished! ^_^   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.