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STEP 1. The first few steps are going to be pretty simple. Before you start make sure that you grab a good sketching pencil and a nice sheet of sketching paper if you are going to take this lesson serious. Now let's get started. Draw a circle fro the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw out the neck line and attach it to the torso guidelines which is his shoulders and chest.   STEP 2. When you start sketching out the face like you will be doing here, make sure that you press lightly with your pencil. Sketch out the shape of James Dean's eyes and shade in the pupils. Next sketch out the tip of his nose and then sketch out his lips as seen here.   STEP 3. You will lightly sketch out the shape of his face and then sketch out and shade in his eyebrows. Add some definition sketching around the inner part of his eyes and then along the bridge of his nose. Once that is complete you will start sketching out his slicked back hair line.   STEP 4. Finish sketching out his entire hair style which is not so different from teh types of styles you see today ion young men. Once the hair is sketched out you must go back and shade in the areas you see here to add depth and definition to his hair as well as detail. Finish sketching out the shape of his face and add some shadow shading along the left side of his lower jaw and cheek. You will then sketch out the ears and detail inside of them. Now you can draw the beginning lining for his famous red zippered jacket. Make sure his collar stands up instead of being folded. Sketch the wrinkle and crease lines along the right and left sleeves as well.   STEP 5. You will start your shading to finish off the drawing of the jacket. Before you add shading to define and detail his face you have to erase the guidelines and shapes you drew in step one. Sketch out the creases and wrinkles in his red jacket and make sure you take your time so that it comes out looking awesome.   STEP 6. Here is your last step and all you have to do is add shadow shading to the jacket as well as around the eyes, nose, neck, and inside of the left opening of his coat. Clean up your sketch a bit and move to the last step to see how your James Dean should look when you are done.   STEP 7. Here is how your finished sketch looks when your done. There is no need to color in the sketch, just sit back and enjoy what you have done. I hope you had fun with this tutorial on "how to draw James Dean step by step".   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.