How to Draw and Shade Kirano Talrogu

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STEP 1. Ok well its time to start. Lets get some guidelines in. First we get the shape of his head in along with his neck. Draw in his body shape, then work down and get in his waist and leg shaping. Move back up and put the lines for his arms. Note one is bent, and one won't be draw but rather used as guidance for later. Now draw in one long line across with a traingle just around the neck zone. This is where we are drawing his staff. Also a shaping for his cape.   STEP 2. In this step we are drawing Kirano's hair and face layout. You will most likely need to zoom in on this picture for a more precise shot of his head. Draw a few guidelines in the face to later put eyes and a mouth in. Now draw 2 lines parallel around the first guideline. At the triangle, you will be curving the bottom to where it becomes sort of a tear drop shape. In the middle draw a circle, for the elemental crystal.   STEP 3. Ok here we are starting his Ancestral Battle robes and workin on the arm. From his Shoulders draw over and begin forming his arm, remember it will be bent due to the fact he is holding his staff. Start his neck but be cautious that his robes go up around his neck. Start at the other shoulder and go down following the guideline in the shape of an arm pausing just around the bottom circle(hand zone). From his armpit area, draw down with a slightly straight line for the body on down towards the waist.   STEP 4. Lots of work here. Draw in his eyes nose and mouth, which for now should end the facial zone. Now at the cape, draw towards his bent arm allowing for the affect that the cape go over the backside of the arm then out. On the other arm, continue downward making a slight curve in the cap as well going down nothing the curves of his leg. Down in the chest zone, draw lines down. Two straight, one curved for his cape. Next draw in his leg. In the next step at the left side of page, his cape side with nothing else done, draw a sorta curvy effect(see next step for reference). Lastly, draw his hand gripping the staff.   STEP 5. Ok here, you should be finished. Erase unnessessary guidelines, Remember his left side of cape must still be there, see it up there. Draw a curve line from the wrist for the end of the sleeve. Looks weird I know but oh well. now you have him draw. But now Its detail, and shading time.   STEP 6. This step gets all the detail. On his inside part of cape draw many, many curved lines. Along those straight lines draw one on each side for the strange effect of his cape. On his outer cape, draw a flamish design down it. Shade his hair black. On the staff draw sections equal to eachother. Each staff of an Ancestral has its own grip for special movement. The first three sections on the right will be crosshatched meaning drawn in like this XXXXXX all along. The next two going left will be lightly shaded straight. And the last section crosshatched as well. each section is divided by a black tiny section. At the end of the staff, draw a smaller outline parallel to it. draw three lines connecting it to the circle. Ok next step is shading.   STEP 7. Ok shading time. Outer robe dark shade, and in the flames a lighter shade. His legs will be a mid shade. If you use graphit pencils use a 2B pencil. In the lines from chest down will be fairly light, while in between them will be very, very light. Arm will be about the same shade as the legs. Light shading in inner cape. The small section of the staff will be black, The "teardrop" end will be black, with a grey circle. Refer to the picture for proper shading. I will post a final step to show you how the crosshatched sections look up close. Hope you had a fun time drawin this.   STEP 8. Ok this is it I promise. All that needs to be said here is this: This is how the crosshatching looks. Also there is a closer shot of the face and neck region. Ok now your done. Hope this was good. I certainly loved drawing this.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.