How to Draw an Orange

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STEP 1. First off, you need a basic circle. with some guidelines for the eyes and mouth. I assume you shouldnt find this too difficult :) - Proceed to next step when your ready.   STEP 2. Ok, step 2 is really just a basic outline of your orange :) - remember to take your time, and never rush things.   STEP 3. Step 3, is where you add the really cute eyes :) - remember the 3 circles are the glare/reflection. so be careful not to colour them in.   STEP 4. Step 4, is really adding the little cute mouth. :) and the stem with the leaf on it. congrats you've just learnt how to draw a chibi orange. Remember to rub out all the guidelines you drew in step 1 and give him abit of colour. Until the next installment. Jords   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.