How to Draw a Star

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STEP 1. Start this first step on how to draw a star by drawing a circle for the frame and then one vertical line and two horizontal lines.   STEP 2. In this second step you will draw chibi eyes for your pretty star that are perfectly round. Shade them in leaving behind three white circles for the gaze effect.   STEP 3. You will start sketching out the shapes and points of the star as you see here starting with the top and the sides. I can already tell that you are doing a great job with this lesson on "how to draw a star".   STEP 4. For your last drawing step you will finish drawing out the two other points that complete a star and then draw the small chibi mouth. Erase the visible guidelines and then move to the last line art step.   STEP 5. Here is what your star looks like when you are done. Color it in a bright yellow and you have finished this tutorial on "how to draw a star step by step".   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.