How to Draw Senna from Bleach Memories of Nobody

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STEP 1. OK. Well lets start with some basic guidelines to make this go smootyly. Start with a circle head, and a few lines for eye and facial alignment. A line for the neck, and connected, two curved lines for shoulder "zones." Draw a curvish line down on both ends and connect them with a curve. Draw a small line down then now a skirt looking design. At the left draw a curved line out for the arm with a circle for the elbow zone and another line up for the other part of the arm. Next a larger circle for her hand. Next an pointy oval with 4 lines out and one long straight line diagnol for the staff. At the end draw two triangles. A little up it a circle for her other hand and a small curved line for the arm. At the gap, draw an oval and a curved line with 2 others. Then one long curved line for cloth, with one detaching upward. Under the right side arm, two curves for cloth. Oh and an oval for the foot.   STEP 2. OK. Working on the robes, we start at the arm drawing a few lines making a sleve area. It will extend out a little. The line Above the arm will connect with a shoulder later, but for now hold up on it. Draw curved lines for the shoulder, and a few downward to the futured staff around where her neck will be. Next draw curved lines for her upper body, and then around the skirt zone a small zone for the cloth. Draw a bunch of triangle tipped lines down and around to form the bottom half of the robe, but be sure to leave room to work for the cloth extentions.   STEP 3. OK. Now this step is all about the cloth, bow, and cloth extensions. Start at the waist and use the oval shapes to make a bow shape (hair bow, not bow and arrow :P ). Using the really long curved line we draw a little over it and bring it down and around, noting that this cloth is overlapping due to the wind. Now follow the other lines and create the top sliver of cloth, then use the bottom part and create the bottom portion of it. Now over to the other side of the waist, we draw out and down creating the other part of the cloth. Up to her arm, we make the cloth around the arm and her arm. Back up top we add a little to the sleeve closer towards the future staff. Also note a new guideline near the cloth has appeared, which will be for the sword holster.   STEP 4. OK. Now we work on the head, face, and foot. Ok draw the head and neck shape. Next draw in the eyes and adjust and make them look nice, since I messed up big. Next we start hair, noting the when you draw the hair up in the back, some parts will be a red hairbow and not her purple hair. Remember wind is in affect in this picture so it will look strange at first. Next move all the way down to the oval you drew for the foot. Basically, we are drawing her foot with a ninja sandal (forgot name). Lastly, draw in her sowrd holster by her waist. Ok last drawing step is next!!!   STEP 5. OK. We now draw in her arm and to the elbow, htne up and please try and draw a better and/or smaller hand then mine. next at the other arm draw in a hand. Now draw two parallel lines for her Zompakto released sword (sorry still new on all the terms). At the bottom draw a curved triangle and then a smaller one inside of it. At the top draw a pointed oval with 4 oval-like rings that connect around it. Remember some parts go behind the staff and others infront. Also fill in anything I may have missed. And now you have drawn Senna.   STEP 6. OK. And now erase all remaining guidelines that are sitting losely. Once all that is done, you have completely finished the drawing part of Senna. I will maybe make a tutorial on how to color and shade her. ¤.¤. Hope you had fun drawin her. I know I did.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.