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STEP 1. First things, well, FIRST! Start by making a simple outline of the head, neck and shoulders. Then divide the head down the middle and add the eye guidelines. Don't worry about being exact, just make sure your lines are straight. Everything here will be erased later.   STEP 2. Now, add the eyes so they meet the guidelines we made earlier. When you all the iris, make sure it's only a semicircle, because she has her eyes half closed here. Then draw the first part of the nose. I'm not sure how to tell you to draw it, so just follow the picture! Finally draw the start of her mouth.   STEP 3. Ok, fill in the eyes like I have shown here. Her eyes have the pupil and shadow running together to give her a darker look. Then go ahead and draw the left half of the nose. You may want to draw it all together then erase in a gap so that things line up. Also add her eyelids and eyebrows. Notice that her brows have a hook on the inside. And last for this step, draw the bottom lip.   STEP 4. Half way! Now we are going to re-draw the outline of her face, giving it gentle curves, and ears! Then add a small wrinkle of skin beside her right eye, not the left, (You'll see why later) and add her top lip. You can also go ahead and curve out her neck and shoulders. Just add the bottom of her signature choker and this step is done!   STEP 5. Now, finish her choker and give her shirt a neck hole. I also added a few wrinkles to the shirt. After that's out of the way, start drawing her hair with the bangs. (This is why we only drew one eyebrow wrinkle) Be sure her hair is close to the same length, not not symmetrical. This keeps things more interesting!   STEP 6. Now, really fast, erase all the things now covered by her hair.   STEP 7. Now just draw the hair coming from the back of her head and the top.   STEP 8. Clean up any leftover guidelines and there you have it! You just drew Raph!   STEP 9. Of course there is still some shading to be done, but I'll leave that up to you! And, I almost forgot, she has a lip ring, but that should be simple enough to figure out.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.