How to Draw a Dalmation Puppy

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STEP 1. Start off by drawing a circle for the head, then draw a snout connecting to it. Make a line through the head as shown. This will be your nose & eye line. Add two more circles so that from the top head circle to the bottom circle, they get bigger. The two you just added will become the body. In each body circle, add an oval as shown for the shoulder and thigh muscles. Then, draw a line for the puppy's arms, add paws, and draw a line for the back foot.   STEP 2. Next what you will do is draw the eye and nose along the line through the head. Add a few shines in the eye if you want. Draw the floppy ear at the end of the line. Connect the body and head circles as shown. Add some toes to the front paws and draw out the shape of the foot. You should probably make the foot slightly longer than I actually drew it. (The foot will be a bit longer in future steps.) Draw the tail.   STEP 3. Adjust the shape of the head to make it look more realistic. Add a nostril to the nose and shade that in. After that, add an eyelid and a curved line for the eyebrow. You can also add two dots to the snout. Next, you should draw out the front legs and connect them to the paws. Draw a back leg as well. In this step, I bolded the lines that you will be keeping, so you can start to erase the other ones.   STEP 4. Now, you can finish erasing the guidelines you started with. Add shading and fur according to the picture. You can add more or less fur depending on how thick you want the dog's coat to be.   STEP 5. What's a dalmation without it's dots? Okay, I know puppies are born without dots, but they're just too cute to not add them. And congrats, you are now done with your dalmation puppy!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.