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STEP 1. This step just explains some cool facts about shading. I will retype what I wrote in the image above for those of you that cannot see too well. It say "When you shade, you always have to define your light source. This will make your shading more realistic and alive looking".   STEP 2. This is just a quick reference to how you are supposed to shade. I used an elf girl as a reference just to show you what I mean. This step says "When you shade this way, you normally scratch on a piece of paper in a small area. This is a typical type of shading that almost everyone uses. Use a cotton swab to blend in the graphite for a smooth blended look.   STEP 3. This is a cool step that talks about circular shading. "Shading in a circular motion is also commonly used by different artists. When using this shading technique, take your pencil and use it in a light spin motion in small circles. To blend, use a cotton swab".   STEP 4. Crosshatch shading is another technique used in drawing. "When you crosshatch, you are stroking small lines over and over in different directions. If you shade small lines horizontally, you will have to flip the paper vertically and draw over the set of lines you originally created".   STEP 5. Okay on with the tutorial. Draw a great big circle.   STEP 6. Start the shading process start off dark at the edges and lighter as you move into the circle.   STEP 7. You will now shade in the mid section even more darker as you see here. The light source is as you see coming from the upper right hand side of the circle.   STEP 8. Add more shading to the entire sphere and then blend the shading in as you see here. There is nothing to erase, just move to the final step to see what the end results look like.   STEP 9. Here is what your shaded sphere looks like when you are completely done. All you have to do now is use the technique you just learned with this lesson that taught you "how to shade step by step".   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9.