How To Draw A Cute Bat

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STEP 1. First, lets start with the main guide lines for his head, snout, eye, and wing.   STEP 2. Draw the main shapes for his ears, adding a little detail to his left (I think) one. Finish up the snout, adding a nose and mouth, along with a guide line on top of his head to show where his hair will go. Make sure his chest fur is cute and fluffy.   STEP 3. Give his eyes a pupil, and a little tooth in his mouth. Now we start on his wing. Add a thumb finger and thicken the bones a little. Now, connect them to form a wing shape. Make sure his shoulder and arm is defined a little, along with the back flap (the misshapen triangle-like thing).   STEP 4. Almost done, erase the guide lines and color in his eye a little.   STEP 5. Finally the last step. Color him in, whether black, brown, or even purple if you'd like. The way I shade is color it in dark to light, then lightly sweep the eraser around to give it a kind of "smudged" look. You're all done after that and now you have your own cute little bat :D   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.