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STEP 1. Drawing Graffiti is very easy! Its all about curved lines in your letters, for example we are going to draw the 'G', the first letter. Make a nice curved line like in the Image.   STEP 2. For the Next Step, we are adding 3 lines, can you see it's beginning to take the 'G' shape?   STEP 3. For step 3, we are going to add the inner lines too, they are curved too, but in the opposite direction as in the outer lines.   STEP 4. Now we are going to make the 'G' look like its laying down, make little curved lines like mine, so the 'Trim' is on the South-West side.   STEP 5. Last Step. We are now making the 'Trim' complete, make the curves the same as the outer lines on the 'G', so 'Trim' goes with the outer lines, as show in my pic.   STEP 6. So now you've learned how to make some kickass Graffiti letters, You can also colour the 'Trim' To make it look cooler, I had no time to do that, Sorry for that. ;)   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.