How to Draw a Plant

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STEP 1. This is going to be so easy to draw. Start with a sqaure box for the plant's pot. You will then draw the guidelines for the leaves of this spider plant that you will be drawing.   STEP 2. Let's focus on getting the plant pot drawn out. You will first need to thicken the lining for the pot, and then you will draw the plastic or ceramic fold that almost all pots have. Once that is done you can start drawing out the shapes of the baby leaves of the spider plant that fold over the rim of the pot. Once that is done proceed onto the next step.   STEP 3. You will now start sketching out the shapes of the other leaves for the spider plant as you see here. Once this part is done you can move to the next step. The leaves should look wide, flat, and smooth, with pointed tips. Older leaves are always bigger, and stronger which means they are more erect.   STEP 4. Draw out three more leave shapes as you see here and just follow the same steps as you did in the previous tutorial. Once finished you can move onto your last drawing step on "how to draw a plant".   STEP 5. Finish drawing your house plant by drawing four more leaves. These leaves should be bigger, bolder, and more erect. Once complete you can add some detailing and definition to all the leaves of the spider plant. Erase all the guidelines and shapes you drew in step one.   STEP 6. Here is your spider plant when you are done learning "how to draw a plant step by step". Color it in and that is it. Great job!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.