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STEP 1. Alright, to begin this tutorial we will first figure out the basic frame of Michael Jackson. I shaped him in the most simplest form in order to draw other features proportionately. Draw a hamburger shape for the head of your pop star. After you've done that, draw simple shapes for the torso and the legs. Once you've done all of the above, move onward to the next step.   STEP 2. Ok, in this step we will proceed to make the guidelines for the divine features that will make him come to life. First off, draw a simple cross-sided guideline for the facials. After you've completed that, draw the arm, legs, and the suit part. This should be an exceptionally easy step to accomplish. Are you ready for the next step?   STEP 3. Sweet, this is the first step to creating the facial features of the chibi Michael Jackson. I gradually added simple facial features that makes the rest easier afterwords. I find drawing from start to finish to be very easy. If you started to draw something from random areas, your guaranteed to fail the drawing. I hope your ready for the next step!   STEP 4. This is a part that is also easy to draw. Drawing the torso will be the building blocks to creating the best part of this pose. You can guess what the awesome part is too. Anyways, sketch out the glove and the shirt of chibi Michael Jackson. Don't forget to fill in the rest of his hair in the back of his head.   STEP 5. Awesome, you've finally made it to the last step. I find this the most interesting part to draw. And if you couldn't guess, it's the crotch and legs! While I was drawing this live, I laughed the whole time drawing it. Everyone was laughing along with me. Anyways, saddle up your pencil to sketching out the cute little mouth, the rest of the hat, legs and feet. This should be easy just like the rest of the steps. Once you've finished all of this, your ready to clean up your lines.   STEP 6. So this is basically the finished product of the Michael Jackson chibi. I put a lot of love and effort into this cute little tutorial for all you Michael fans. I hope this tutorial was a helpful lesson for all of you. Thanks so much for joining me on how to draw chibi Michael Jackson step by step. Have fun!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.