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STEP 1. Ok drawing cadets, this is the first step. I know the first step can be pretty easy for most of you. To begin, sketch out the core basics of the face shape and guidelines. Add the base of the shoulders for his head to be placed on. Imagine if his head were floating on a ball? It would be pretty awesome. Nevertheless, this is very essential part of the tutorial that will help gear you towards a perfect Justin Bieber portrait. Get packed and launched for the next step!   STEP 2. Alright this is second step. I wanted to make this step very easy and breezy so you can guarantee to make the face details almost perfect. The basic features you'll be focusing on are the eyes and the top lip. This should be very easy for you to accomplish. Are you ready for the next step?   STEP 3. You made it to step three, congratulations. There are a lot more steps left. To get this step packed into the mud, work on the other important features of his face. Justin Bieber has a noticeably strange nose. Without that nose, it wouldn't look solely like Justin. I know the face right now looks very freaky, but don't worry about it. Sketch out the pupils and the mere flesh of his lips. After you've completed this, your ready to hoe your way through the next step.   STEP 4. You can say this step is pretty easy. In fact it's a very easy step. All you need to prepare your pencil for sketching is the shape of the face. I don't know about you but face shapes are wicked easy to sketch out. Are you ready for the next hardworking assessment?   STEP 5. In this step we will begin sketching out the hair for Justin. His hair is similar that of a skater or punk style. I see lots of kids these days with hairstyles such as this.When you draw the hair, make sure you go over the strokes smoothly. You want the hair to look delicate and soft. I made mistakes with hair before by making it look too rough. Get ready to move onto the next step.   STEP 6. Alright, this is the next step for your Justin Bieber drawing. When you draw the rest of the hair, keep in mind the soft and delicate strokes that will make the hair contain some aesthetic realism to it. Once you've laid that out, get to sketching out the different wrinkles in the shirt. I have fun drawing folds and wrinkles. The next step might be a little harder for you so, prepare for it.   STEP 7. Your finally on the last step of the tutorial. When you draw the hand, make sure to keep the natural form of it. I had a little trouble drawing the hand myself. When I draw hands, I always start off with the basic shape of the palm. It's easier this way. After you've completed that, work on the rest of the clothing. This consists of details like more wrinkles and folds. Don't forget to fill in the eyes. If you haven't and prefer to keep his eyes uncolored, then that's good too. He might look a little scary that way though.   STEP 8. You should give yourself a pat on the back now. You've finished the tutorial on how to draw Justin Bieber step by step. I hope this lesson was at some ease for you. I made the steps very easy to complete so that you can go show off to your friends. The line work can show you some pointers on what you've missed and what you need to eraser. Thanks so much for viewing this tutorial, and good luck!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8.