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STEP 1. First draw a circle for the head and the guidelines for the body. You will draw the guideline for the neck as it is angled here.   STEP 2. Draw another circle for the shape of his hair and then add the facial guidelines and a basic outline for the shape of his shoulder.   STEP 3. Follow the guidelines and start drawing the outline for his head and body. You will also draw the basic lines of his outfit. Make the hair nice and fluffy, and give him a slightly pointy chin.   STEP 4. Start drawing his face. Remember, Manga characters always have big eyes and a tiny, thin nose, so we will follow that principle and give him a pair of big eyes. But try not to make it too big and round - that you will make him look too feminine. Try to draw it longer like a cat’s eyes to give them some manly charm. Draw the nose and the mouth tiny so he will still have a pretty face. Then draw a basic outline for accessories such as ties.   STEP 5. Finally, finish the drawing by adding some little details like hair lines, folds on his outfit and the patterns on his tie.   STEP 6. Now you have a charming young man. It wasn’t that hard to draw a classic manga pretty boy after all was it? I hope you all had fun!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.