How to Draw Yuuki and Artemis

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STEP 1. Start by drawing the shape of her head which is a circle then add facial guide lines, now draw the shape of her chest and draw the ribbon draw her arm sleeve and hand holding a stick with a flag that has a kind of 3 shape end ,draw her ruffled skirt and the back of her uniform and other arm and don't forget to draw her long legs with socks   STEP 2. draw her long hair like ribbons flowing in the air draw her ear and eyes and nose and mouth and also add detail to her uniform   STEP 3. on the stick of the Artemis add detail like if you were drawing a bamboo stick start adding shallow and deep loops to the blade of Artemis in the deepest loop add three spider webs and on the one closest to the stick add one web.   STEP 4. on the scythe draw details like loops and also on the stick and add extra spider webs to the loop ends of the sides , after you're done with that erase all extra guidelines color and your done!!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.