How to Draw a Bonsai Tree

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STEP 1. Drawing a Bonsai tree can be extremely fun, or incredibly hard. It all depends on the type of tree you want. Remember, the Bonsai is a landscape creation meaning no Bonsai looks the same. Start by drawing out a rectangular shape for the base or pot that this Asian tree will sit in. Next draw the shape of the trunk, and then the two circular shapes for the foliage of the tree. Try and treat this sketch like your actually designing your own Bonsai with a pruning tool.   STEP 2. Here you will start sketching out the very dense looking foliage of the tree top, as well as the small branches. Once complete, you can move to the next step.   STEP 3. Continue sketching out more of the Bonsai foliage, and then start shaping out the branches and then the top of the trunk. Notice how you can start seeing the shape of the trunk and how it branches off into limbs.   STEP 4. You will now sketch out the complete shape of the trunk and then add in some detailing and definition as you can see here. Bonsai trees have what seems like, exposed roots. Sketch out the bottom of the plant as you see it here.   STEP 5. Now you will sketch out the top part of the wooden pot that it is growing in. You can also choose to draw a circular pot, or any other traditional shaped Asian container.   STEP 6. For your last drawing step, finish drawing the bottom of the base and then draw the legs that is attached to the wooden container. Erase all the shapes and guidelines that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing, and to prepare it for color.   STEP 7. You are done with this tutorial on "how to draw a Bonsai tree, step by step". Color it in and you're done. Join me next time for another fun filled lesson on   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7.