How to Draw Professor X

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STEP 1. first draw an outline for his wheelchair- looks like a character of its own, doesn't it?   STEP 2. next draw a stick figure of the professor sitting in the chair- these will be the frame upon which the whole drawing rests.   STEP 3. now we draw the figure and the chair using your underdrawing as a guide.this is called a contour drawing and it's basically just an outline of the outside edge of the forms.   STEP 4. now erase the underdrawing and start adding more details to your contour drawing- the lines of his suit, his tie, lapels, his hands and shoes.....don't sweat the details of the chair too much- remember- it's made-up, and like Xavier, has gone through many forms and versions over the years - notice how the spokes of his chair form and "X"?   STEP 5. last step: adding wrinkles and folds to the clothing. these are the things that really define the character and personality of the form and make it more real. you're always going from big to small shapes, adding more and more detail as you draw. Now you're pretty much finished and ready to paint!   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5.