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STEP 1. First you want to establish lightly, the basic shapes and stance of this unique character. Having said that, you will start drawing the guidelines and shapes to form a frame for this popular android.   STEP 2. Again lightly draw over your basic drawing start to draw in the major structures, of head, arms, chest hips and legs.   STEP 3. Proceed now to put details in, the eyes, the circular chest plate, the pleats in the upper hips,and in the feet. As you establish these features, erase carfully your underdrawing.   STEP 4. Continue adding more details to the droids body including the wires in the stomach area.   STEP 5. Now lets chrome him up, as he is made of metal, his body is a highly reflective surface. Add your darks to the edges as surfaces turn, and in the stomach area solid blacks, allowing the wires to be left white for contrast.   STEP 6. To complete the drawing add haltone shading, leaving highlights in, or erase highlights out of the halftones.   Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6.